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Help us renovate our Assisted Living common areas!

It’s been over 20 years since we’ve updated, and it’s time to raise the funds. So, rather than hosting another gala, we decided to give our donors and friends a break.

You get to stay home and relax and we’ll save money not renting banquet space, buying food and décor, invitation printing and all that jazz. Everything we raise goes directly to purchasing much-needed new furniture, fixtures, paint and more. These upgrades will make our residents’ world a much nicer place to live.

Non-Gala Schmala - Donate Today
Food we didn't have to purchase
Cocktails we didn't have to purchase
Ballroom we didn't have to rent
Dècor we didn't have to purchase
Dress you didn't have to purchase
Trip to salon you didn't take
Tickets for 2 @ $200
Help us purchase new flooring
Help us purchase new couches
Help us purchase new fixtures
Help us purchase new chairs
First Name
Last Name