Activities & Events

Handmaker offers programs, events, and activities to keep mind and body stimulated.  Our Activities Department specifically designs programs to meet our residents’ needs, and to help them as they transition through each level of care.  We offer many discussion groups and brain enhancing activities.  A wide variety of exercise programs, such as Tai Chi and Yoga, are offered daily for healthy bodies.  Handmaker hosts concerts and entertainment for special events, like our monthly Birthday Celebrations, Family Luncheon, and Wine and Cheese Socials.  Off-campus outings to shopping centers and restaurants are provided so that our residents can have interactions that give them a continued sense of independence.  Trips to museums, plays, concerts and various other scenic areas throughout the city are also available, helping our residents stay connected with the rest of the Tucson community.  Remaining active is encouraged and is key to enjoyment of life!
  • Rubin Neighborhood

    In the Rubin neighborhood, the residents partake in many of the programs and activities which are offered. They enjoy a wide variety of activities, from exercise classes, games, movies, socials, book club, discussion groups, and religious services, to lunch at local restaurants, while knowing that dedicated caregivers are available.

  • Tynan Neighborhood

    In the Tynan neighborhood, the focus is on smaller, intimate group activities. Although these activities are the same as those in the Rubin neighborhood, they are created to suit the residents’ abilities in this area. The Tynan calendar of events consists of discussion groups, craft projects, exercise classes, games, baking classes, and off-campus outings.

  • Bregman & Golding Neighborhoods

    In the Bregman & Golding neighborhoods, daily activities are designed to provide physical and mental stimulation, and residents are always encouraged and invited to participate as welcomed guests in Handmaker’s on-campus Adult Day Program as well as all campus activities.

  • Rich Neighborhood

    In our Rich neighborhood, there is a wonderful array of activities for both our residents who are visiting for a short time and those who are with us long-term. Exercise, therapy, discussion forums, crafts, baking and games are only some of the many fun activities offered.

  • Kalmanovitz Neighborhood

    In the Kalmanovitz neighborhood, a lot of time is spent on sensory stimulating activities. We offer more one-on-one activities, including music therapy programs, which help promote higher mind functioning.