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Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Individuals and couples who pay income taxes to the state of Arizona can redirect their tax dollars to benefit many worthwhile non-profit organizations throughout the state and earn valuable Charitable Tax Credits.

Contributions to Handmaker Foundation qualify for the “Working Poor Tax Credit.” You are no longer required to file an itemized state tax return in order to earn this valuable credit.

Charitable Tax Credits differ from tax deductions because they are fully tax-refundable. They will either reduce the total personal Arizona state income tax you owe or increase the state income tax refund you receive, dollar for dollar. If the total credit earned is greater thatn the total tax owed this year, the remaining unused credit can be applied to future state tax returns for up to five years. Consult your financial advisor or tax preparer how you can your tax dollars to work in this truly meaningful way.

Working Poor Tax Credit (ARS 43-1088) – deadline is December 31st of each calendar year.

The maximum amount you can claim is based on whether you file a joint or individual tax return (see below):

Tax Credit Joint Individual
Working Poor $400.00 $200.00

Helpful Tips

  1. Consult your financial advisor or tax preparer.
  2. Determine how much you owe or have paid in state taxes.
  3. Decide whether to file a joint or individual state tax return.
  4. Compute the maximum charitable tax credit you may claim.
  5. Contribute to Handmaker before December 31.
  6. Attach the acknowledgement letter from Handmaker to your state tax return.
  7. File your tax return.