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Gratitude to and from Some Visiting Students

by User Not Found | Mar 04, 2019

IMG_8910In late January we had a group of 5th grade students from Congregation Or Chadash visit Handmaker to learn about Handmaker and our residents as part of their religious school program. I had come by their religious school class the month before to tell them about Handmaker and what to expect on their upcoming visit.

When they arrived at Handmaker, we took a tour of the building. They saw the rehab areas, skilled nursing, the Great Room and more. They were curious and asked many questions. When we walked into the Rubin Café in the Assisted Living building where we were meeting a group of the residents, a few were a little shy, but they were mostly friendly, and quickly sat down with residents. The group painted pots and planted seeds in celebration of Tu B’shevat, getting to know one another as they painted. The students sitting next to residents helped them with their paint pens, and then with planting the seeds. A few left their completed pots for the residents to enjoy, and everyone left with a smile on their face.

And it was not over after that. Early last month I had a double treat. First, I received 10 beautifully written and heartfelt thank you notes from the students in the class. And then, later in the month, I was invited to Congregation Or Chadash for a special Shabbat service, which included a slide show and presentation from the 5th grade class to the congregation about Handmaker. Wow! It was so well done, and really demonstrated how much the students took away from their experience at Handmaker. We loved having this group visit, and I was very touched by their cards and the presentation. We look forward to having them back again!

Here are some excerpts from their notes of gratitude…

“I enjoyed going to Handmaker and meeting some of the residents. It was so much fun talking with them. They were all so talented and creative during the pot decorating. When I first heard that we were going to Handmaker, I thought that it would look like a hospital but, once I got there I loved it. It was very cute. Thank you.”

“Thank you for having us at Handmaker and making pots with us! I loved Betty’s pot with the silver gleaming against the black curves. Sarah’s stars were absolutely gorgeous! My mint plant is growing high and looks great in the pot all of you helped me make! How are your plants doing? Congratulations to Gertrude, who looks happy and healthy as ever! I loved the beautiful paintings on the walls. Thank you, thank and thank you again for the memories that I’ll carry for the rest of my life until I live at Handmaker!”

“Thank you. I really liked making pots with you. I have good memories of visiting my Zaide (Grandpa) there when he was in Rehab. Handmaker is definitely not a place where you feel uncomfortable and it doesn’t smell like old peopleJ.”

“Thank you for letting us come and visit the residents. I really enjoyed painting pots with Gertrude and the residents. I learned a lot when we had the tour. I would love to come again and visit more with the residents. I hope that you will get to meet my dog Lincoln, because he is a therapy dog.”