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Handmaker is a Kosher facility, overseen by Rabbi Yossi Shemtov of Chabad Tucson.

Kosher Meals are available to order for Shabbat, Holidays or at any other time.

To order, please contact Claire Ferguson at 520-322-3639 or
or Mike Felde at 520-322-7009 or

To ensure greatest availability, please order 72 hours in advance of pick up time.

Catering Menu

There will be special menus for the upcoming Festival of Passover from April 5-13th.

If you would like to order meals for your Passover Seder, the menus is as follows, although may change depending on menu item availability:

1st Seder Dinner - Wednesday - April 5th

Matzo Ball Soup
Brisket w/Apricot Glaze
Moroccan Salmon (with Red Pepper and Tomato Relish)
Tzimmes (Sweet Potato and Carrot)
Brussel Sprouts
Dessert of the Day

2nd Seder Dinner - Thursday, April 6th

Matzo Ball Soup
Roast Chicken w/Caramelized Leek Gravy
Brisket with Caramelized Leek and Onion Gravy
Roasted Beets
Charoset Quinoa
Dessert of the Day

All Seder orders must be made by Friday, March 31st by calling Claire at 520-322-3639. Meals to pick up are $30 each, and $10 additional for a Seder Plate. Meals will be ready for pick-up after 4pm.

Additional meals and menus are also available for pick up throughout Passover. Please call Claire for menu options, prices, and to order at 520-322-3639 72 hours in advance of pick-up time.