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"A wonderful Mitzvah for those folks. My adopted Mom is now a resident there. God bless you Addie." 
- Steven Jacob

"So thankful to have such amazing partners for this journey -- thank you residents, Angela, Nanci and staff, our family!" 
- Sharon Glassberg 

"There is nothing in the world as wonderful as a hug and love from a THA child!" 
- Ronnie Stern Sebold 

"She is having so much fun and having the chance to brush up on her Spanish with the other clients in the program as well as the staff members!" 

"Thank you for everything, I loved collaborating on this program today. What a wonderful morning to share together. Shabbat Shalom!"
- Julie Unger Zorn 

"Loved the performance.... amazing!"  
- Bruce Pitz 

"The Reid Park Zoo Behind-the-scenes tour: Great activity!" 
- Anne Lopez 

"Thanks to Mary Anderson for making our New Year party more exciting and thanks to Angela Salomon for beautiful pictures." 
- Nahid Nematollahi 

"Amazing place with amazing vision. Proud to have worked there! Congrats on 50 years." 
- Janice Margaret