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Living At Handmaker

Living at Handmaker

At Handmaker everyone has a choice on the the style of unit the will be living in. We have specialized apartment-style neighborhoods, beautiful living areas and skilled nursing rooms for our residents to select from, each designed to ensure that no matter the level of care needed, we can help find a place to feel healthy, cared for and very comfortable. Whether it’s simply needing assistance getting dressed or your aging parent needs highly specialized memory care, Handmaker is a welcoming place to call home.

We invite you to explore our wonderful restaurant–style dining options, and to learn about our many events and activities will keep you mentally and physically engaged. You can join in a discussion group, see live entertainment or soak up some warmth in one of our beautiful gardens. There is so much to choose from. Plus we schedule trips to nearby shopping, restaurants and more. Check out all our transportation options and see how much we offer. With so many amenities, spiritual, cultural and life- enriching, you’ll have all the freedom, involvement and support you desire.